HOWTO hack your netflix so you can watch US content

Posted on March 19, 2012

i recently signed up for a trial of NETFLIX in the uk. even after a tiny amount of time, it is already better than LOVEFILM's offerings, and the quality of streaming is infinitely better.

But the choice of content is still relatively poor, especially if you have experienced it whilst in the US. they have *loads* of cool stuff there that we dont get.

So how do we fiddle it so that netflix serves us the stuff from the US instead of the UK? and while we're doing that, how about all that cool content for US TV shows on the tv networks (HBO and showtime for example) websites that is restricted because we dont live in the US.... well, its easy. is your friend. you get a month long trial for $0.99, and when coupled with your netflix trial (1 month free for signup, plus are doing £15 cashback on account signups so you are basically getting 3 1/2 months of netflix for FREE!. unblock-us is then $5 (canadian, works out at £2.46) a month or $50 a year (£24.64, or £2.05 a month if you pay for a year at a time)

and what do you get for this? some of the great stuff you can now watch includes:

Arrested Development
Parks & Recreation
The League
30 Rock
Blue Mountain State
Daniel Tosh - completely serious
Louis CK Live
Tucker & Dale vs Evil
Friday Night Lights
Rescue Me
Red State
Troll Hunter
Hobo With a Shotgun
American: The Bill Hicks Story
I could go on... and on... and on...... but that list there should get you through the first few months of viewing! I'm currently watching GREEK, and am probably going to move onto FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS after that.

So what do you need to do to get this working?

its not difficult, and is documented on the unblock-us website, but basically, you change your DNS servers in the network settings on your laptop/ipad/appletv/playstation 3/xbox360/router/whatever. it takes a few minutes, even if you are as a big a technophobe as my mum!

Whilst I originally used my PS3 to view the US netflix content, i have since modified my appletv2 to also show the US content (and moved the ps3 back to my normal UK DNS so i can switch libraries quickly and easily if i wanted to watch something that was UK-only) If you dont have an appletv, you really should think about getting one. jailbreak it and install XBMC and/or apple flash (black) media players and it will soon become an irreplaceable way of watching TV. i use it so much, i'm seriously considering dumping my virgin media TIVO, as i barely watch anything live nowadays (see my previous post about setting up sickbeard and sabnzbd. i'll be going into more detail with that soon...)

so yeah. youve probably already signed up for netflix, i know loads of people who have. just give unblock-us a week's free trial, and if that doesnt make you decide immediately to stump up the extra £2.05 a month, i dont know what will!

*UPDATE - 03 Sep 2012*

just to clarify, to watch the US content, you dont need a specific US netflix account, your UK subscription will work just fine! same as a US subscription will let you view UK content via - there is now an option on the site to let you choose which content you want to watch (UK, US or Canadian).. just select your preferred country and fire up netflix on your device (once youve configured DNS, that is!), its that simple!