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Posted on January 10, 2015

so it's 2015 already, wheres my jetpack? will try and keep this updated more regularly. planning on doing more recipes and food stuff, as well as talking about films and music i've seen...

so, says my top artists over the last 12 months are as follows:


how that translates to my favourite albums of 2014 is a bit different, as some of those artists arent from 2014, and its excluded a lot of non-scrobbled stuff (cd's in my car, vinyl, stuff from work) - basically this is a list of what i've listened to on my phone or home desktop pc. it's where i do *most* of my listening, but certainly not all! This is also in no particular order (after 1989 which is clearly my no 1!)

Taylor Swift - 1989
i can't emphasise enough just how wonderful this album is. It's more than a pop album, and it has already sent her career to the next level. 2015 is going to be an amazing year for her assuming she keeps going on the way she is right now (check her social media activity. she's an artist who really *gets it*, and actively interacts with her fans in some of the loveliest ways possible!). i really can't fault her in any way this year, and the album is just a stone cold classic. there's not a bad track on there...

CHVRCHES - The Bones of What You Believe
technically a 2013 album, but i didn't discover them until early 2014. One of the most interesting new bands in years, and the album is just a pure joy to listen to. and my god, they are *AMAZING* live!

dEUS - Selected Songs 1994-2014
so it's a compilation album, i don't care. dEUS are one of my all-time favourite bands. It's not a singles collection (they did that back in 2001), it's just a collection of great dEUS songs as well as some of the lesser known/rare stuff (the real sugar - disc 2)

Dilated peoples - Directors Of Photography
Their first album in 8 years, and it doesn't disappoint!

Freeman - Freeman
Gener (Aaron Freeman) from WEEN. his first "full" solo album since splitting the band and getting sober, and it's just beautiful. a lot mellower than your average ween album, it deals with a lot of issues regarding the breakup ('fuck you all, i got a reason to live and i'm never gonna die' from intro track "Covert Discretion" pretty much sets the tone for the whole thing) - Whilst i hope aaron and mickey sort things out and get back together to do some stuff in the future, this will do nicely until that point.

Sia - 1000 Forms of fear
In the last couple of years, Sia has gone from relative obscurity to becoming one of the hottest writers on the planet for major pop acts, as well as vocalist on some massive hits (titanium/etc)... she's come a long way since "leaving" zero 7 and moving to america, and this album reflects that. it's full of songs that she kept for herself instead of giving to the likes of katy perry, and is her strongest album since 'Colour the small one' in 2004 (not that any of her more recent ones were bad, they just haven't grabbed my attention as much as this one!) - I reckon it's going to be a great year for the lovely Ms Furler 🙂

Tennis - Ritual in Repeat
This is Tennis' third album, but the first one i've really paid any attention to and is just full of joyous, laid back, summery electronic indie-pop fun. If you've never heard of them, make sure you check them out!

McBusted - McBusted
Busted + McFly = EPIC WIN! i dont really need to say any more, it's like they never really went away, and I can't wait to see them live again in a few months time...

Wu Tang Clan - A Better Tomorrow
Their first album in 7 years, and in my opinion the best thing theyve done in nearly 15 years. just a shame ODB is no longer with us, he's definitely missed on this album 🙁

Magnus - Where Neon Goes to Die
If i can't have the dEUS anthology in my list, then the Magnus album will make up for it, it's Tom Barman and CJ Bolland. dirty electronic funk in it's finest form!


honourable mentions:

Basement Jaxx - Junto
The Vines - Wicked Nature
Weird Al Yankovic - mandatory fun


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