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Posted on February 27, 2014

I've been told I'm pretty hard to buy for present-wise. Personally, i dont think that, but then i guess i know me best...

anyway, heres a bunch of ideas, suggestions, do's and don'ts if you're ever wondering what to buy me for my birthday/christmas/whenever.

first off, i have an amazon wishlist. this page is updated a few times a year, so have a look there and see if theres anything in particular, or use it as inspiration of what i like. I'll try and keep this updated too if anything changes.

things i definitely DON'T want:

  • novelty tat. that crap you get in christmas gift catalogues. theres very little i can think of that i dont hate
  • mugs (i dont drink coffee or tea. I already have several mugs i like but don't use. theres no point adding to that!)
  • clothes (especially socks. see also novelty tat above! - if i like something, ill buy it myself! the only exception to this is t-shirts, about which i'll get to later)
  • red wine or strange liqueurs (especially baileys) - the only exceptions to this would be cherry/raspberry flavoured things
  • flavoured chocolate or toffee. I like normal plain flavoured chocolate (ie plain/milk/dark/white. i prefer milk/white of those four), but anything involving orange/coffee/mint flavouring will make me realise you REALLY dont know me
  • anything involving aniseed/liquorice/coffee/banana
  • gift vouchers. unless its for amazon, or something like a specialist whisky/food shop.... John lewis/HMV/argos/love2shop vouchers is just pointless in my opinion


booze is always a good bet. i like strongbow, dry white wine, fizzy wine (cava/etc, or champagne if you want to splash out!), port and single malt scotch whisky

vinyl is always a good bet too. especially if it's dancefloor fillers and classics. especially 90's hip-hop! i'd rather a couple of good 12" singles from robs records or a charity shop than almost any CD

speaking about music. unless you know me well, its probably pointless buying me music. unless it's classic vinyl. I have a *massive* record collection, and i tend to buy something i want anyway. the exception to this is something you think i dont already know about that i might like. this could go either way though! kinda the same for DVDs too...

whisky - i like scottish single malts. my tastes are more the speyside/islay malts. think jura, lagavulin glenmorangie. with that in mind i DO NOT like laphroig. its just a tad *too* peaty for me. lagavulin is about my enjoyable limit in that field. if in doubt, a whisky voucher is always appreciated (recently got one for weavers in notts, and used it to put towards a bottle i really wanted!)... i really dont tend to like the bottom end supermarket stuff. think bells/grants/grouse/etc . i dont mind irish/bourbon, as long as its something a bit different (ie not jack daniels or jim beam! pappy van winkles is on my bucket list and i would LOVE YOU FOREVER if you got me some of that!) - my go-to drinking whisky available randomly on offer in supermarkets would be glenmorangie or jura.

cooking- i love to cook, and good quality utensils are always welcome. my amazon wishlist is a good place to start with ideas for these. posh knives are a current favourite, as i bought some I.O. Shen knives not long ago, and am looking to expand my shiny sharp thing collection!

spicy things- exotic spicy things! just been on holiday to thailand/mexico/wherever? bring me back a random scary looking spicy thing. i love nothing more than going to asiana in town and coming back with packets and jars or strange and wonderful things. just make sure it's legal to bring home with you 🙂

books - whilst my reading list is pretty full right now, i'm a sucker for a nice book. especially cookery or pop culture (again, see my amazon wishlist for ideas along these lines)

t-shirts - the biggest possible size. preferably in dark colours. i like them baggy. geek/pop culture/tv. have a look on thinkgeek, threadless or last exit to nowhere. current favourites are ron swanson, walter white, or the wire themed.

flavours i really like: cherry, raspberry, spicy.
sweets/chocolate i like: pretzel M&Ms, red winegums, caramel/toffee (including bonfire!), reeses peanut butter

If all else fails and you cant think of anything... booze or amazon vouchers! i dont get nearly enough port or whisky for christmas these days...

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