my breaking bad finale theories…

Posted on September 25, 2013

my thoughts (not spoilers, they are all theories made up by me!)............ don't read any further if you haven't watched the last few episodes and are precious about "spoilers" (even though it doesn't really contain anything...


walt gets surrounded by the po-po and a gunfight ensues. walt takes a bullet to the head (i dont think he will end up dying of cancer in prison and the foreshadowing of last weeks episode where walts petrol tank had a hole in it may reinforce this theory).

todds uncle and everyone else also end up dead after jesse manages to break free and somehow kills them all (possibly involving the ricin, which walt gives to him as a gesture to say he's sorry for everything)

before this, walt organises someone he trusts (saul?) to look after his barrel and to keep skyler and the kids supplied with cash (im thinking competition win or something to avoid it attracting the dea). jesse then burns down the meth lab, not before finding 6 barrels and hiding them somewhere safe...

jesse takes a pile of the hidden money and looks after brock where they live happily ever after in mexico where the police cant get to him

skyler ends up in jail, but with a minimal sentence, due to walt's phonecall at the end of last week

marie ends up looking after the kids till she gets out

todd ends up moving to europe and cooking slightly above average meth for some russian crimelords that lydia has done a deal with

saul disappears completely. he ends up working at a branch of los pollos hermanos whilst living a comfortable existence from his share of the barrel

walt jr then uses his "share" of the money to go to prague, where he ends up a meth addict working for todd who has now established himself as heisenberg 2.0

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