Yellow Dog Eats

Posted on October 23, 2012

We went to Yellow Dog Eats just over a week ago, after wanting to go since last year, and it was BY FAR the best meal we have had this holiday!

Seriously, it was proper lovely. Everything we ordered was AMAZING!

we had nachos, a pulled pork sandwich, A veggie sandwich, and several cakes. Even the coleslaw was magical!

If you are going to Orlando soon, add it to your list of places to visit. It's about 15 mins drive from universal...


I brought back a bottle of their hot sauce and a big bottle of what they call citrus BBQ sauce, but is nothing like normal BBQ, it's more mustard based I think. Tasty as hell though!

the walls and tables are covered in "graffiti" (people scribbling their names/locations/messages). the decor is very similar to my favourite place in the whole wide world - the hill st blues cafe in amsterdam, so i felt right at home as soon as i walked in. The owner, Fish, LOVES dogs too, and the walls are covered in photos of (i assume customers?) dogs.

there are no bookings/reservations, just turn up and sit at a table where there's some space!

the wine selection there is also amazing


pulled pork nachos

veggie spinach wrap

the elvis! (pulled pork with peanut butter!)

seriously, make sure you check this place out. it makes you realise just how rubbish the food is at most of the places you visit during your holiday!

my next trip, i shall be tracking down and other more independent great food places. i think i'm done as far as i-drive style chain restaurants are concerned!

that being said... for years i've been loving the burgers from chillis. this time i went to five guys in florida mall and realised just how rubbish the chillis burger is in comparison!

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