Ultimax Winchpod issue

Posted on April 11, 2012

So I bought an ultimax Wheel'n'winch stand off someone a little while ago. great bit of kit, sturdy as hell, and makes me look like a professional DJ 🙂

anyway, it isnt the smallest bit of kit in the world, and i wanted to still be able to take a wizard to a gig without lugging the whole stand. this is where the winchpods came in. i could have the best of both worlds... a full winch stand as well as a pair of winch tripods i could use when coupled with the ultimax winchpod tripod legs that are available. jobs a good un!

so i go ahead and order them from (after initial misgivings about the site, and them having the wrong product photo, i got them "next day" after ordering (ordered thursday, arrived tuesday after the easter bank holiday weekend... didnt expect it so quickly, and was very impressed!

so i get them home, and grab a winchpod out of the cupboard...



it doesnt fit!

it probably would fit if i really forced it, but i'm not sure i would ever get the winchpod back out of the stand afterwards! the holes are ever so slightly too small for the poles. it feels like if i sanded all the paint off, they might fit a bit happier...

just about to log a support call with ultimax, see what they advise, but right now, i'm thinking i need to get the dremel out, and shave a millimeter or so out of the inside of the holes in the tripod legs. any thoughts on how best to do this?

i'm not sure if its because i have an old model of winch stand/winchpods, as i didnt buy the stand directly from ultimax, i got it second hand from someone (the stand was also modified to be wheelchair-friendly, so the top shelf isnt as high as it is normally)

so yeah, comments, thoughts, suggestions? (other than sending them back, it would probably cost a fair amount to post them, and i really need to use them for some upcoming gigs!)


other than this minor hiccup, i have to say, the build quality of the ultimax kit is GREAT. theres no way this stuff is going to get worn out any time soon!


UPDATE FROM ULTIMAX - carl from ultimax confirmed my suspicions. guess i need to dig out the dremel this weekend and shave a bit of it off...

By the looks of your pictures if your winchpods are black then it is a very old stand you have brought as they are now made In chrome.

And that is where the difference is, the thickness of the paint hence why it won’t fit.

Good news there is a simple answer. With a bit of sandpaper (might take a bit of work) sand inside the castings so the pole will slide in comfortable it’s not meant to be too lose or too tight if that makes sense.

Any problems please feel free to get in touch.

so i guess we'll see how i get on next week (not going to get a chance to look at it till sunday at the earliest)

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