how to easily add a new keyfob to a mazda 626

Posted on May 11, 2012

so the keyfob for my 2003 mazda 626 died. i couldnt work out whether it was the microswitch or the battery, but after fiddling with it and replacing the battery, it still didnt work. after speaking with a dealer, it was looking like i was resigned to either forking out upwards of a hundred quid, or locking via the key in future. after a few days of doing this, i was sick of it!

but then thanks to google, i found out i could do it myself with mazda's own version of the konami code and an identical keyfob from ebay. the IDENTICAL FOB IS VITAL. check the model number, even one that looks the same might not necessarily work! Mine was a visteon 41601. there were at least two models that LOOK like mine, and some people may have had success with mixing models, but others had problems. so i didnt risk it. i won one on ebay for a fifth of the price of what a dealer was going to charge, and it arrived today. so heres how you program your car to work with the key (not the other way round!)....

  • sit in the drivers seat with the key OUT of the ignition
  • open the door
  • whilst open, attempt to lock the car using the button on the door
  • with the door still open, insert the key and turn the ignition ON (dont start the car, just move it clockwise two clicks so everything has power)
  • after a couple of seconds, turn the ignition off. turn it on and off again TWICE FURTHER (ie 3 times) leaving the key in the OFF position
  • close the door. Then open it. Then close it. Then open it. Then close it. Then open it.
  • the car will then go nuts for a second and lock/unlock the car. this means your car is ready!
  • press a button on your fob to pair it with your car. repeat for any other fobs up to a maximum of THREE. remove the key, and lock (or unlock) the door using the button on the door. the car will then lock and unlock a couple more times, and all the keyfobs should now work

and the best thing? i found a seller on ebay who does keyfob repairs! so for less than 15 quid, i had me a spare keyfob that now works in case i get my keys stolen. he replaced the microswitches and the battery, and now it is as good as new.

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