time lapse chillis

Posted on June 30, 2010

heres 3 days worth of footage of my kitchen windowsill....

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  1. Love this – Chris and I were just watching in amazement last night!

    We don’t have a garden and our flat is on the top floor but I reckon we could have a good go at some window growing!

    • ive got some chilli seedlings if you want to drop over and have a few? just bring something to take them home in, my plantpot availability is limited

      • I may well take you up on that Mr! Also want to grow some basil (MMM!) and some other ‘erbs too!

        • cool, just give us a prod when you want to drop over.

          maybe we could all watch doggy poo one night next week? tues? weds? ill see when lucy is free…

          • Awh, I’d love to but next week is quite full for me as I have pre-wedding drinks, this office festival and am meeting up with a couple of people on Tuesday. The week after I’m at my sister’s graduation until Wednesday evening (will probably be late back) but could probably do the Thursday or the week after? 🙂

  2. I’ve got some seedlings on the go but they’re on our balcony and we’re having problems with the doors at the moment meaning that I can’t get to them. They’re dying in front of me 🙁

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