shelf hunting…

Posted on January 26, 2010

does anyone know where i can get a large shelving unit/storage cupboard from CHEAPLY?

something like one of these would be ideal..


doesnt necessarily need front doors, so a shelving unit would do...

size needs to be ~1m long, ~40-50cm deep, and ~1.8m high. being able to add extra shelves so they arent all the same height would be beneficial, but not essential.

need to be able to dismantle it so i can get it upstairs. heavy duty plastic seems nicest, but isnt essential.

will be mostly used for storing boxes and bits/bobs. the cheaper the better. if i can find an ex-office place doing something for £15, im more likely to choose that over a £100 ikea job (cant see anything i like on ikea)
it has to be sturdy, and it can't be wall mounted (or even fixed to the wall)

any ideas? is there somewhere that does giant meccano set style ones where you can choose how many shelves and where they fit?

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  1. Try asking Richard? they might stock something like that.

    • ikea doesnt seem to have anything useful.

      argos isnt inspiring me.

      tesco direct is all proper bedroom type stuff

      b&q is looking likely, but there isnt anything that matches my spec exactly…

    • only 4 shelves. need at least 5. ta though 🙂

      found some for £25 in b&q, which will do me for now, but i still want something like the (plastic) cupboard thing above. cheapest ive found so far is 90quid. if i can help it, i dont want to pay any more than 50.

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