Posted on April 28, 2010

im currently looking for a new king-size bed. needs to be not much larger than the actual mattress (which i already own and is more than fine). no specific requirements other than it needs to be better built than the cheapass tesco piece of shit i got for 30quid onsale a year and a half ago (metal tubes, pathetic centre support section, both creaks and sags) - oh, and it needs to be able to get up a tight bend on the stairs, so easy to build is good.

i'm also in need of a new toaster. i want something that browns evenly, can fit nonstandard sized items in (if i have toast, it is usually from a proper loaf, not your standard sliced hovis type bread, so needs to accommodate those, as well as crumpets and pitta breads. the last one i bought (cheapest asda one) was ok, but not the most even/quick of toasters. build quality was piss-poor as well. i dont want to spend a hundred quid on one, so things like the dualit are out, but i dont mind spending a reasonable amount if the results are really good (ie better than one for a tenner from asda) - ease of cleaning is a necessity, and i'd ideally like it to be shiny!

any suggestions or recommendations?

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  1. My bed is excellent and comes completely to bits (though it is very boring putting it all together each time I move!), it’s from Dreams but is years old and the shop isn’t even there anymore! Equally as usefully… I love my toaster but it fulfills none of your needs. So no, no help!

  2. Dreams do do awesome beds- cheap isn’t worth a bad back dude!

    Tefal used to do a Thick and thin toaster but i think that was years ago. Lakeland however do a very spiffy looking digital one- looks lovely, has wide slots and 9 settings 😉

    • i completely agree, no point spending sod all on something you spend a third of your live lying on!

      the mattress is brilliant (its a john lewis deluxe jobby), its just that the bed frame is crap and creaks. i was hoping it had the same build quality as my old cheap double bed frame (#50 in the january sales from lady bay retail park), but the slat type poles on this are pathetic in comparison

      as fdor the toaster, im sure ill find something soon. if not, its back to asda for another cheap one that will last me just over a year

  3. i don’t have a recommendation, but i may take one from you :o) my mattress wants replacing, and john lewis hadn’t occurred to me. it’ll also fulfill some Home Counties Urges that’ve been suppressed lately!

  4. after very little research I have reserved the following toaster for my dad’s birthday pressie. Half price independant timers and variable width slots is what got me.

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