hahahaha. old reviews i did…

Posted on April 18, 2010

just clearing some space up on my mums pc, and i found a bunch of old reviews i wrote...

i still stand by that dizzee review!

and kristy, remember the leann rimes gig at the concert hall? i'd completely forgotten about it!

Dizzee Rascal - Showtime (album)

I thought his first album was damn fine, but even after a few listens to "showtime", i cant help wonder what the fuck happened in the last year and a half. This album is just plain BOLLOCKS. Lyrics-wise, the album is quality, but i just dont understand how you can listen to this whole album and actually enjoy it.

its like the first album, but without any good tunes.

sorry. thats a lie. track 11. "dream" has a cracking tune....

"happy talk" by captain sensible. the best tune on the album.

Must. Try. Harder.

Pop! - cant say goodbye.

pop!'s second effort is a quality topham and twigg number, that (again) could easily be a steps song. In fact it sounds just like steps. I am undecided on whether this is a good thing or not. Currently, the band dont really have a personality of their own (that I have seen, at least), whereas steps were all individuals (apart from that H tit). it's probably just a matter of time until they start to shine in their own right, instead of being an almost faceless steps covers band.

i really hope they do well and get some material that stands out. Not that this is a bad song, far from it. It's just the ghost of steps following them around. Gay pop has evolved in the last few years, as i am sure steps would have in some (minor) way. Alcazar is where its at now. If steps had've never have happened, this band would be absolutely massive.

only time will tell

Soulwax - Any Minute Now (album)

It's been five long years since "much against everyones advice" came out, and my love of all things belgian was cemented. The boys have been busy the past few years knocking out a mix album, and bringing mashups to the masses under the name "2manyDJs", for which, they are probably more famous to most than they are as Soulwax.

So, whats changed in the last five years?

not much. They holed up with Flood and Alan Moulder (nine inch nails, u2, depeche mode, and tons of other stuff) to come up with an album that is just as good as their previous album, but different enough to keep things fresh and interesting.

Right from the beginning bars of opening track "E-talking", you know this album will be stuck on your stereo for a long time to come. Musically, they havent changed much, although the electro influences are definitely shining through more than they used to. But this album is a very varied bag of bits, electro, pop, rock, techno, even a piano ballad, theres something for everyone on here. Highlights are the title track, the aformentioned "e-talking", electroclash classic "NY Excuse", and to be honest, every single track on here...

there just isnt a bad song on the CD. theres something for everyone, and I just pray it doesn't take another 5 years before their (already) eagerly awaited fourth album.

With this album, and the new dEUS one on the way shortly, its a good year for Belgian rock. Make the most of it.


Joss Stone - You had me (single)

After the success of her first album "the soul sessions", 17 year old devon girl Joss is back with an album of new original material, which was almost entirely co-written by her.

So what's it like?

it's alright.
its not great.
it sounds like anastasia (take that how you want, personally, i think its a bad thing)
she could do so much better as a first (original) single.

the anastasia thing just keeps going round my head, making me feel dirtier each time i listen to it.

Sorry Joss, i loved your first album, and i think you have a fantastic voice (and you look lovely), but i'm really not keen on this first single. I just hope the full album is better.


ewwwwww. WRONG!


LeAnn Rimes - live - Nottingham Royal Concert hall

Leann has been around for what seems like forever now. She just keeps cropping up randomly with a new song (usually from a film or something). I've never really followed her career in detail. Mostly due to the fact that her first big single in the UK was "How can i live"... Which got a constant stream of TV and radio play back when it was released, and subsequently did my head in, so I tended to try and avoid her wherever possible.

Fast forward ten years, and I get an email asking if I would like to go see her live in a few days time. What could I say? I could either sit home and watch monday night TV, or I could go see a pretty lady sing songs and have a few beers in town. No contest. Although finding somebody to take with me was a chore. It seems even the ladies of Nottingham arent really that bothered about Leann's music either. So much for it being "chick music"...

So my housemate finally relents and agrees to go with me. And I think I'll be paying her back for quite some time.

So we get to the venue, to discover we are some of the youngest people there. The average Leann Rimes fan seems to be in their mid-late thirties, and a lot of the crowd seem to resemble people's parents. How did somebody who is still only 22 years old manage to build such a fanbase of old people?

Anyway, Support was from Mike Joseph who sounded like an acoustic gallagher brother. Apparently he is usually backed by a full band, but for some reason has undertaken possibly the largest tour in his career alone. The songs were pleasant enough, but didnt really set the crowd on fire. Maybe the songs come across better with the whole band. who knows?

Soon afterwards, Leann takes to the stage, backed with a full band of what look like professional session musicians. This is her first ever European tour, and I dont know how much she tours in the US, but I get the feeling that her "band" make a living being hands for hire most of the time.

You probably know more of her songs than you think. This was certainly the case for me and my housemate, who kept prodding me and telling me "ooh, i know this one!".. songs like "life goes on", "how can i live" and "cant fight the moonlight" go down really well with the crowd, and even her duet with that plastic irish retard rho-nan raises a bit of a cheer from the audience.

Maybe it's her lack of major hits in the uk, but she fills up the set by playing "summertime" by Janis joplin and finishes the gig with a cover of "rock and roll" by Led Zeppelin. Both done quite well, but you get the feeling its all a little bit too much by numbers. She doesnt really make the songs her own.

It was a pleasant waste of an evening, but will i be going to rush out and buy her back catalogue? unlikely. Her blend of country-pop just doesnt really do it for me.


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  1. The term ‘gay pop’ makes me laugh quite a bit. It hadn’t occurred to me that such a thing existed but it really has, and it’s evolved over time too.

    I love that you give the Soulwax album 5 out of 5 because it totally deserves it. It was my favourite album of 2004. Electro rock is probably my favourite genre and there isn’t enough of the good stuff around. That album’s still ace and I’m glad that they’re (finally) back in the studio.

    • i dont know whether “gay pop” is it’s official name, but its what i’ve always called it, its that sort of extremely fluffy, upbeat sort of thing that europeans seem to excel at (alexander bard mostly!). a lot of the time, it is my favourite sort of pop!

      ahhh, pop! where are they now? shame, they got dropped, as if the label had’ve stuck with them, theres a good chance they could have been great. their last single before they got dropped had loads of promise!

      and yeah, soulwax are great. i’ll have to see if al has my “best of 2004” list. i’m pretty sure they would be in the top 5 (along with dEUS)

  2. You STILL owe me for going to that Leanne Rimes gig!

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