Posted on April 30, 2009

theres a camjob of crank 2. ive already seen it at the cinema. should i wait for the blu ray version, or grab the camjob? or should i go back to the cinema to see it again?

What Would Chev Chelios Do?

i think he would download it. dont you?

an R5 release is due in 2 weeks time, i think ill wait for that, then buy the bluray.

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  1. He would beat someone else up and take theirs.

    • i started downloading the camjob, but then i found an R5 copy of fast and furious (my other choice of film for last weekend) and watched that instead

      im so glad i missed F&F by 20 mins so ended up at crank 2. its an infinitely better/more enjoyable film.

      I’ll get the R5 in a couple of weeks, and buy some sort of blu ray box set. this is a film i *need* in full hi def 🙂

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