Tonight, you are the special one

Posted on February 18, 2009

aww shit. i just found out that nick sanderson, the singer from EARL BRUTUS died last year 🙁

earl brutus were one of the highlights of glastonbury 97 (may have been 98. they merge into one)... wandering round in a bit of a state and discovering a tent we didnt even know existed (i think it was the "new bands" tent before it became the peel stage) and coming across a completely glorious WTF?!?! moment when earl brutus came onstage, with various members of the "band" just stood round at the side of the stage drinking beers and being a bit leery. oh, and they had a revolving sign that said "music" on one side and "chips" on t'other.

havent had a moment like that in music for a long time. the last time was either wandering in on THE BLACK MADONNAS in a random tent at truck festival the other year whilst off my mash on tea, or sitting drinking beers with al and co one night at the shrooms, then going next door and seeing the almighty WTF?! that was gogol bordello.

moments like these dont occur very often, but when they do, its a very special thing.

care to share any wow, WTF?! moments youve had at past gigs/festivals/etc?

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  1. Apart from being surrounded by several thousand drunk young Danish men in their underpants watching Turbonegro at Roskilde?

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