The Wrestler – Darren Aranovsky’s new film

Posted on January 4, 2009

screener season has brought forth some corkers so far, but by far my favourite over the last few weeks has to be darren aranovsky's new one with mickey rourke and the lovely lovely lovely marisa tomei. its about an old wrestler. kinda like what would have happened to hulk hogan if he didnt have his money. it's kinda like how the new rocky movie *should* have been.

its a beautiful film, and i couldnt stop staring at the tv while it was on (in case i missed anything). not usually a fan of mickey rourke, but i'd go so far as to say it could even get him an oscar.

compared to aranovsky's other films, this isn't nearly as harsh as the others, although it still is in its only way. you cant help but feel sorry for the guy, even though he's a selfish asshole.

anyway, too much, and it'll ruin the film. go watch it!

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  1. This was the best film i’ve seen all year, pips Gran Torino. Surprised you liked it Wayne tbh.

  2. It was good, aye!

    it’s like the role he was meant to play, and marissa tomei is supr hot

  3. was impressed, but the ending seemed crap until I thought about it for a day or two. def recommend going to see it and I am a girly

    • i was thinking about this after the film, and i reckon if it had left all the stuff resolved, i would have probably just been disappointed, so leaving it where it did was a good thing.

      unlike “no country for old men” which should have spent another 15 mins explaining stuff…

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