the life of brian…

Posted on July 2, 2009

the k! forums and sell-out are having a "life of brian" meetup in notts on sat 11th july. can people spread the word in case people didnt know and would like to come?

i've secured us the red room (upstairs at the rescue rooms) between 7pm and 10pm, where i'll be playing a few tunes that brian would have danced like a twat to. and then people can either stay in the shrooms, where i'll be doing some sort of pop/hip hop thing, or go next door to rock city. so far we've got around 60 people saying they will be there...

event/meet info here
song requests here

gonna need to get me some shit metal sorted, but it wont *just* be that, he used to love charley says/bulletproof, as well as the spiders alternative nights we did. will probably play a few offbeat-friendly tunes as well 🙂

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