New dj rig :)

Posted on July 31, 2009

Macbook pro+numark omni=win!

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  1. are them sennheiser headphones? what’s you’re experience with them? i’m curious as i’ve bought them twice, and both times, in less than a year, the wire connections (i assume) have crapped out.

    i’m not too clued up on electronics, but i’ve had crappy in-ear ‘phones that have lasted longer with three other siblings fighting among each other.


    • they are sennheiser HD477 headphones. and i love them. nice long cable, terminated in mini jack plugs, which means if i stand on them, or get them caught, i dont rip them out and have to resolder, i just plug them back in and go.

      ive had these for as long as i remember, and they are still in brilliant condition, although i’m on my second cable (replacement was a tenner off ebay)

      its just a shame they dont make the 477’s anymore, i keep looking out for another pair, so i’ve got a spare set for when these finally die on me, but no joy so far.

      i also have sennheise CX300 in-ear headphones, which i use with my ipod/phone. as long as you take care of them, they will last, and the sound quality is inifinitely better than anything else you can get for similar money.. you just have to make sure you get genuine ones, not cheap knockoffs (ie buy from somewhere reputable like instead of ebay/amazon marketplace/etc)

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