N97 woes (of sorts)

Posted on October 2, 2009

getting increasingly fucked off with the v11 firmware on my nokia N97. the phone repeatedly locks up when using the new nokia messaging email app. which took me down to 11mb free on my c drive as it wouldnt let me install it on the 32gb of onboard storage!

i'm currently taking the back off to take the battery out/reboot at least once every few days. so much so, the clips on my case are wearing out, and i'm probably gonna have to get that replaced too.

i hope that t-mobile release the v20 firmware REAL SOON NOW, because if they take as long as they have done with the v12 f/w (they may have elected to skip it and go straight to v20, but they havent said what their plan is) i'll be debranding the phone at the earliest available opportunity.

other than the random issues ive been having, the phone is lovely. but the firmware updates may turn out to be a dealbreaker at some point. lets just hope v20 fixes all the issues i've been having.


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