Posted on May 3, 2009

just watched crank 2 again

right said fred?

what is chicken and broccoli?
according to some random on the internet:

Most people do not know that he grew up hating Broccoli. It was his hate of broccoli that drove a wedge between him and the rest of his otherwise very close family because the rest of the family were broccoli lovers.

In his older adult life he finally learnt that Chicken and Broccoli together made broccoli palatable, His favourite broccoli meal was chicken and broccoli pot pie.

His words 'Chicken and Broccoli' were a homage to his personal family journey and his lost time with them and and a poignant reminder to us all not to let vegetables come between us.

nuff said.

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  1. Ahoy…Tis Libby (4everchequered), the huge potential for future embarrassment in my old journal got too much for me so I deleted it…Added you, anyway x

  2. I#m sure I could make up something better than that.

    i reckon it’s fake rhyming slang thar doesn’t mean anything to keep us guesing.

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