Posted on February 28, 2009

Oh, FFS:

the "great british public are fucking idiots.

how can people respect a thick racist bitch?

am i alone in wanting her dead as soon as possible? its sad she got cancer. but she did.
so did my auntie, noone else gave a fuck, and she certainly wasnt in the top three respected people in the world
the sooner she dies, the sooner the papers shut the fuck up about her

and why the fuck is an article about her on radio 2? seriously, have ALL news sources lost the fucking plot?i can sorta understand cancercunt coverage on radio 1. thats all about "entertainment news" and shit, but radio 2? surely thats supposed to be a bit more highbrow?

im going for a lie down before my head explodes. ive had enough of this shit EVERYWHERE I GO.

maybe i should move out of the uk, its clear my beliefs are completely contradictory to "the masses"

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  1. I find the whole thing interesting in that it’s all about fame and everything we know about her is about fame and pretty much nothing else.

    I hate the phrase ‘nobody’ because people are often famous for the most empty reasons but Jade Goody’s whole phenomenon is based on the premise that she came to public attention from a situation that just put ‘normal’ people in the public eye so they just became famous for that, not even for the pretty crappy things that a lot of people become famous for. By not coping with that well because she hadn’t really done anything, but continually wanting to be famous and pass herself off as famous (that in itself is a tragic aspiration), her whole life has been bizarrely in the public eye and the game is that the public have pretended to be shocked that she’s as dysfunctional as the people around us, why WOULDN’T she be an ignorant racist is probably a beter question than pretending to be shocked that she was. What is now weird is that a media who have LOVED following her life and a person who has loved being in he public eye are now staging what is pretty much a Big Brother Death. I dont’ even mean that flipantly, it’s what both parties want and to me it’s like watching a weird art film discusssing the nature of fame.

    I don’t really care much about her either way, it’s sad that she’s so ill but like you say, no more sad than the people we know who become ill (less so to us). I just can’t really begrudge her what she’s clearly always wanted. I wouldn’t want to die under so much scrutiny, in fact I’d want to run away from everyone who knows me so thay didn’t see me like that but she wants to die in the papers and the papers want to see it and so do a chunk of the public, the same chunk wh have pissed their summers away for the best part of a decade watching Big Brother instead of GOING ROUND SOMEONE’S HOUSE. It doesn’t really affect me either way, I see front pages and that’s about it. I don’t really find her interesting, I’m not interested in the substance of the coverage but I find, from the outside, the idea of not the first public death (that happens all the time) but the first public Dying, the first tabloid dying an intersting reflection of the interraction between the media and the public.

    None of it affects me so let them do what they do, I say, I don’t think anyone’s being hurt by it.

  2. Here here, I for one am sick of hearing about Jade Goody. Like you say millions of people die of cancer and I’d rather see one of them hogging the news. Odds are most of them will be much nicer and a far sadder loss when they go.

    You’re saying exactly what I’m thinking there.

    • im glad im not alone… a forum i post on are all “i hate her, but i wouldnt wish cancer on her” and having a go at people who say anything negative about her.

      why doesnt the sun/etc use half a page of what they dedicate to jade on a DAILY BASIS and use it to highlight other people who are just as ill but have none of the exposure.

      in fact no. scrap all “celebrity” news like this and relegate it to 2 pages in total in the paper per day. that way she will have to “fight” with all the other attention whores.


      • I wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone, but being ill doesn’t take away someones negative points. She’s still the same person, just may not be here much longer. I don’t read newspapers or celebrity magazines for this and other similar reasons but this is so all over the media that even I can’t ignore it, as much as I want to.

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