Posted on February 22, 2009


i'd like to see the setlist from the night. i wonder if they typed it up (or saved the playlist in itunes) 😉

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  1. At least you have the decency to put your itunes on shuffle!

    • i wouldnt mind the “tag” so much if i actually used itunes!

      only used it once, for daz t’s wedding. and that was when i wasnt DJing the night, i was just re-jigging his poor choice of tunes.

      surely they have learned from bottomley. you cant just stick a compilation album on then fuck off for an hour?!?!

  2. I find it funny that people are moaning. If they don’t like it they should stop going and vote with their feet!

    Maybe it will spur people to organise nights more to their taste at other venues. If it doesn’t, then it just shows them up as the moaning goodfornothings they are!

  3. I’m gonna go next week, it defo sounds better than when Spikey Mike was DJing. I’m not sure how you can predetermine what you play though, we were talking about this the other night, maybe I’ve got mad DJ SKILLZ or something, but I never even know what i’ll play next until I’m there feeling the room.

    • That’s because you know what you’re doing 🙂

    • i tend to load up last times playlist, and use that as a starting block for the night. and then chop/change big chunks of it and add in new/different stuff.

      last month was almost entirely hip hop. the month before, hip hop cleared the place. you have to gauge the crowd and react accordingly. how can you say that you HAVE to play a certain song at a certain time? its all about the crowd’s reaction, not what you think will go well at a certain point in time (when determining the setlist a day in advance)

      as for whats on next, i usually have the next three or four songs worked out, but if someone comes up to me and suggests something that will work and i think “yeah!” i’ll change it accordingly…

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