Posted on February 20, 2009

wow. i've been threatened by INTERNET MALE!

Geoff Sharp wrote
at 13:54 on 28 January 2009
dear me wayne, you really are one sick fucked up puppy arent you?
trying to get a group banned who are only trying to get a ban for a group of sick pondlife who hide a indecent/offensive group is pretty low. but then you claim you do it coz you think it is a censorship issue? who's the idiot?
then to top off your stupiditty, you say "ban people for using txt speak" like its even in the same league as banning a group for calling out idiots who think dead babies is funny, you fucking pillock!!
why try to act as though your putting an intelectual slant on this crap? especially when you are obviously so mentally challenged!
Do you want to know why ive suddenly jumped on the bandwagon of people baying for your blood?
because a friend of mine is 99% sure he knows exactly who you are as he lives in your area and has known you for quite some time!
point being one of my other friends lost a baby and he is very keen to come and see you!! he's gonna change your mind one way or another!

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  1. That is Marky Ramone and I claim my £5.

  2. Nobody with that hair can be taken seriously.

    • thing is, i dont know if that profile photo is taking the piss or not. im a little worried that may *actually* be a photo of him

      he looks like daz t’s redneck american brother in the 80s

  3. His friend LOST A BABY?? how careless of him….

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