two pictures

Posted on November 1, 2008

number one:

Jesus Jones. Birmingham Academy.

i just wish i had my SLR instead of just my phone!

number two:
these leaflets were being handed out at market square yesterday (suring the zombie parade, no less!)

now take a second to read that.

GOD CAN CURE CANCER... well, praying for you will cure cancer.

not chemo, not drugs, not professional medical treatment. not even homeopathic treatments. GOD AND PRAYING CURES CANCER.

if it hadve been me who saw someone handing out that flyer, i would have punched the fucker... "let god fix that you fucking IDIOT!"


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  1. You are Richard Dawkins and I claim my five pounds!

    • i dont care if they are handing out stuff saying god loves you or whatever, but claiming they can cure cancer is just a whole new level of stupid.

      i wonder if a flyer can be complained about to the ASA?

      • I think they would have closed all of the churches down by now if they had the power to hold the church accountable… I did see one poster that amused me outside a church in Matlock saying “Don’t know which way to turn, follow Jesus!”.

        But what is Jesus isn’t going in the right direction? What are the chances…

  2. I suppose if you believe god is all powerful, then he should know how to cure cance. What’s horrible about that is how the people who end up dying feel. Bad enough you’re dying painfully? No, God doesn’t love you either!

    That said, reading the website, it sounds like a nice church where people have a community role and they play funky modern music and get all taken over by the Holy Spirit.

    Been reading about Jehovah’s Witnesses alot, so making comparisons to those nutters.

    I like Sikhs best of all the religions.

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