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Posted on August 6, 2008

the new imaani coppola album (aka little jackie) is ACE. its like what the second natasha bedingfield album would have been like if it was any good and they hadntve got that twat from maroon fucking 5 in to help. seriously. its a great pop album.

got the new bomb the bass album. i'm not sure what to think about it. its very downtempo in a bleepy sort of way. not too keen on the main vocalist on it either (paul conboy)... its got mark lanegan and jon spencer on it though. definitely needs a few more listens. there arent any immediate classics like "bug powder dust" or "megablast" though. which is a shame, as i'd really been looking forward to it.

UGK has a new song with Outkast - Int'l players anthem (i choose you). starts off slowly, but kicks in after about 1:15 and it samples some classic old tune (gladys knight maybe?).. needs a few more listens, but i'm really liking it so far. will definitely be seeing how it goes down at popnight this saturday.

Emiliana Torrini - Me and Armini. Heard the title track on bbc6 the other week, and really been excited about this album. I'm a big fan of Emiliana's. she's probably my favourite icelandic singer since the sugarcubes. you may have heard her on some gusgus or thievery corporation stuff. anyway, shes lovely. like a really sweet bjork, but with actual tunes instead of spiky jazz samples and hitting dustbins with kettles. the album doesnt disappoint

recently, i have mostly been revisiting MANSUN and SABRES OF PARADISE. fucking great the both of them. paul draper is going to writing about "six" soon as it's TEN YEARS since it came out. wtf? where the hell has the last ten years gone?... as much as i would love a mansun reunion, it looks like it just wont be happening. ah well. sometimes its best to leave things dead and buried. (senser, i'm looking at you!)

other than that, i've mostly been on an oldskool Big Beat trip... sonny J and the Brighton Port Authority (aka fatboy slims new project) have made me go back to the stuff that got me wanting to DJ in the first place... midfield general, lofi allstars, mekon, the wiseguys, deejay punk roc, hardknox, cut la roc, sparky lightbourne and indian ropeman. all great. again, where have the last 10 years gone? wow...

finally, loving the new vines album (always had a soft spot for them) and Amy Studt's new album (not as catchy as her debut, but still good nonetheless. not sure how much input karen poole has on it though, as there arent many alishas attic moments on there, unlike the first one. which was a tad disappointing.

reet. suppose i should go get ready for work. on lates this week, then two weeks of early shift. yes, me.. getting up at half past six. wtf is that all about?

POPNIGHT THIS SATURDAY. RESCUE ROOMS. 10pm-3am. free entry before 10:15pm. gonna go random again this month.

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