is it wrong….?

Posted on October 31, 2008

to really really like "7 things" by miley cyrus?

it starts out like "teenage dirtbag" and goes into full on genius pop rock.

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  1. Yes it is wrong, because it’s bloody awful! (And it’s Miley, urgh)

    • hahahah

      its just a greap pop tune.

      i couldnt care less about miley cyrus, but if the rest of her album is this good, i may yet become a fan (ive just grabbed a copy and will be checking it out shortly)

  2. I think it’s great that’s she written her autobiography and she’s 15 years old. I wish i’d thought of that when i was 15.

    Monday sold LSD to some dudes.
    Tuesday took LSD at school during Maths.
    Wednesday Played SNES with mates.
    Thursday found dads porn stash.
    Friday drank 3 bottles of Special Red and watched The Word.
    Saturday drank more cider and JD on a park and necked a slag on a pub wall.
    Sunday bought ‘Achey Breaky Heart’ on 7″ single from GT News.

    Winner. And not much has changed.

    • gt news sold 7″ singles!?!

      we had to go to oasis records for ours.

      then oasis shut down, and a couple of months later became the “oasis christian centre” coffee shop.

      they were too tight to fork out for a new sign, so just changed the “record shop” part of the logo!

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