i never thought i’d thanks the daily mail….

Posted on October 31, 2008

as much as i hate the daily mail, this whole manuel debacle has had ONE shining good point.


now, give us back bbc6music and get rid of george fucking lamb.

i'm considering asking the daily mail to start a hate campaign against george lamb.

and once thats done, i shall restart my hate campaign against the mail. i fucking hate that paper. even more than i hate the sun. these papers are journalism. its shit wrapped up in shit. saw this absolute corker of an article in the sun yesterday... "Feasts for the beasts"

slow news day? "people in prison eat food on christmas day". how is this a story? its not like they have a budget of £30 per head, or jamie oliver cooking each individual meal for the pedalos and murderers.

Tragic Sarah’s mum Sara raged: “It’s disgusting. Why should these animals eat like kings? I’d rather this food was served to those who deserve it, like people in an old folks’ home.”

Eleven kitchen staff will start work at 5am on Christmas Day, preparing meals for about 700 lags.

tragic sarahs mum - are you implying that people who live in old folks' homes DONT GET FED ON CHRISTMAS DAY? surely thats more of a story to print and show outrage at?!?!?!

for fucks sake.


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  1. The comments on that Sun article are hilarious 😀

  2. can i help in your campaign against the daily heil? (and the piss stain lamb)

    I catch glances of the mail on the train -even the headlines have me chewing my fist in fury….

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