heads up: council pigfuckers enforcing bus lanes

Posted on July 27, 2008

before i begin, i'm all for bus lanes during rush hour, but some of the sections are RETARDED.

i got two seperate fines from the council for the same spot on two consecutive days last week. heading towards town, opposite the lidl in carrington. the bus lane there was empty, and i was turning left at the junction. so i went in the bus lane as there were about 10 cars in front of me all wanting to go ahead. at no point would i have held up a bus wanting to go past. i turned left (the crossroads at the grosvenor/hucknall rd that goes onto magdala rd) and carried on my journey.

If i was using it to bypass traffic and go straight on down mansfield road, i could understand, but i was turning left.

surely this is an unfair section to catch people on? as i said, its not as if i was going to cause a tailback stopping any buses from doing their thing...

the worst thing is getting TWO fines for doing it on two days. for all i know, ill be getting some more, as its something that happens regularly on my way to work.

anyway. thought i would warn other people that the pigfuckers are watching...

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  1. You are the second person I know that has been caught out by this 🙁

    • im going to see if the lane is “illegal”… im sure its just there to gain revenue. in one of the photos, theres me and two other cars in the lane

  2. was it a bus and cycle lane? i hate car drivers in the bloody cycle lane :p

  3. I know the bit you mean, and my dad told me the law once, as he’s a stickler for it, as points on license means he loses his job. It’s something like 2 car lengths before you can turn into the lane to turn left. So basically you have to wait until you’re the 3rd car in line before you turn in or you’re doing it all wrong.

    • yeah. thats it.

      its fucking retarded though, and you should be allowed to join the lane as long as you are no obstruction to a bus on route, and you are turning left…

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