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Posted on September 6, 2008

im on a late 90s indie tip at the moment... been listening to MIDGET, ooberman, david devant and his spirit wife and the candyskins.

i've also been listening to a lot of new pop stuff. recent favourites include the new pussycat dolls (yeah, i know. it makes me feel a bit unclean), pink - so what and sugababes doing the M&S advert, all of which will probably get an airing at pop night next saturday. students will be starting to come back, so it should be a lively one πŸ™‚

reet. its stopped raining. suppose i should go trim the front hedge.



watch this! especially you lucy...

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  1. I remember all those bands! In fact I went to see Candyskins loads, the only one out of that lot I didn’t rate was Midget.

    • i used to love the candyskins. they should have been massive, but never really seemed to get there.

      as for midget, they came just at the right time (for me) – in some ways (along with the dum dums) they were a prototype for busted… top quality bouncy punkindiepop. only ever saw them once (and at that point, i only knew “invisible balloon”) but i thought they were great. would love them to play another local date (they are from stamford and played a festival there last year)

      i dont know why, but i just cant stop listening to DD&HSW right now πŸ™‚

  2. SICK

    Wayne, does “wack” mean bad or good?

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