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Posted on September 27, 2008

i'm looking for some help.. i am using my phone to log my gps location (nokia sports tracker) and output to kml (google earth) or csv file.

i want to work out some way of taking the timestamp of a photo on my pc, looking up the nearest timestamp from the kml/csv file, then taking the GPS data from that timestamp and adding it to the EXIF data on the photo files. batch processing would be beneficial too (ie tag a load of photos from one kml file)

or maybe have a folder that contains all the kml/csv gps files and then the "program" matches it against any photos in a predefined folder?

ideally this would be a platform independant program (or linux) but windows and/or osx would be good too.

anyone got any thoughts? lucas? brian? bob??? would imagemagick be able to help with any of this?

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    • sportstracker can output a “walk” into gpx format. looks like these apps can probably import them)

      i think i just answered my own question. now i just need some sort of way of doing it in linux so i dont have to fire up my xp VM every time i want to tag some photos….

  1. No idea but I know someone thats done this.

    Loads of routes on here, and a pretty good looking wiki!

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