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Posted on December 5, 2008

i've been having a clearout, so i've stuck a bunch of stuck on freecycle, ebay and gumtree. one of the laptops I'm selling is only on gumtree, as i dont think i would get a reasonable price for it on ebay. but all i seem to get is scammers mailing me about the laptop.

in 4 days, i have had 6 people who after an initial response to them saying the laptop is still available i get the standard 419 crap about sick grandmothers and stuff.

im sick of it.

i just got one more response to the laptop, so i decided to play along...

from Ian Whipple
to *me*
date 5 December 2008 19:07
Thanks for the mail. Xmas is a day after tomorrow and I needed to get my adopted-son his favorite Xmas gift. I'm busy person (Doctor)...... I will like to know the present condition and the least price you will like to sell it out including the shipping and handling charges via Royal Mail Express Delivery or any fast delivery courier service to the below address:

Henry Irene Birdsall
113 Parkway
Erith Kent
DA18 4HQ
United Kingdom.

Finally,Like I told you above that I am a busy person. I will like to notify you that my preferable method of payment is via Postal Order or Bank Transfer due to the alarming increase on fruad. Beside,it is safer and secured. Again,in your reply,I will like you to send me the total cost and your preferable method of payment in other for me to arrange the payment for you immediately.

Looking forward to read from you.

Ian Whipple

so, in boredom (im waiting for dinner to cook) i knocked up the following reply:

normally, i dont sell things online, only in person due to the amount of fruad i've heard about, but as you are in such a rush and you sound so nice (what with being a doctor and all!) i can send it out by courier upon receipt of payment, so you should get it in time for xmas in two days. Due to the extra delivery costs, the laptop will be £1419.00. for this, i will throw in the deluxe case and an extra 500gb 2.5" hard disk.

payment via bank transfer is fine. let me know your bank details and i will arrange this ASAP so we can get this transaction finalised.

Where are you a doctor? my sister is a nurse in kent, so maybe we could meet up to exchange instead of using courier?

Looking forward to read from you


if i get any response, ill post here with updates...

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  1. Sincerely,
    Ian Whipple

    I just text him and asked him the best cure for piles.

  2. Why do you want his bank details if he’s buying it off you??

    And where in the world is in xmas in 2 days – that’s awesome!

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