Posted on November 10, 2008

t'weekend, i DJed. was fairly quiet to begin with, but soon got busy and ended up with a full dancefloor up till about half past 2. which was nice. one lesson though - hip hop doesnt go down as well early on. oh well. setlist up on

today i was getting ready to go to work and i fell over and bashed my head (as well as bending my wrist/smashing my knee. meh) -

in other news, it would seem that zoe ends up lezzing it up a bit with sarah in the late night hollyoaks in 2 weeks time. WAHEY! 🙂

click for more nsfwish pics of lovelyzoe

finally, while i'm on a hollyoaks tip, the dirty diegos are actually releasing a song. i cant hear it here as flash is broken, but you can hear it on their myspaz:

alphabeat at trent poly tonight 🙂

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  1. That’s one foul manbeast right there (not you).

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